What a recent fire in my home taught me…..

A couple of weeks ago, Friday the 13th proved to be one lucky day for me.  You see, that evening, my house was struck by lightning and the dryer in my laundry caught on fire. Fortunately I was home, and my smoke detector alerted me in time enough for me to close the laundry room door to contain the fire, and to get out of the house to call 911. Even though the laundry room was totally destroyed, I can now count my blessings and reflect on a few thoughts I’ve had about this situation:
  • I had trusted my gut instinct not to go on an annual week long trip to Orlando with my brother and his family, just because I didn’t think being on a road trip with 2 kids under 10 was much of a vacation.  I have a 16 year old son, so my days of potty breaks & tantrums are long gone.  I opted to stay home, and thank God I did, otherwise my home would have been totally destroyed.
  • My smoke detector had been tested, the batteries were up to date, and the detector was working properly to alert me that there was a fire in the home. I was able to respond quickly thanks to this life-saving device.
  • I’m with an awesome insurance company that immediately began the process of offering lodging and support services, as well as sending a team of trusted professionals to do what they do best, including a fire/smoke mitigation clean up team, insurance adjusters, an independent fire investigator, a commercial restoration dry cleaning service, duct cleaners, carpet cleaners, and a building contractor.
Even though there has been a whirlwind of activity in my home over the last 10 days, I couldn’t help but think about how the lessons from this experience apply to how you can best prepare for your special occasions.  First and foremost, always trust your gut.  Whether it’s about which linen to use on your guest tables or which gown to wear, your instinct won’t lead you wrong.
Secondly, make sure you’ve put proper preparations in place in case something unforeseen or uncontrollable happens.  For example, if you’re planning an outdoor event, make sure you consider an inclement weather plan. If you’re hiring a wedding or event coordinator for your special day, find out what he or she includes in their ‘wedding day/special day emergency kit’.
Finally, select professional vendors who possess the traits most important to you.  If responsiveness and compassion are at the top of your list, look for those traits so that you’re comfortable hiring vendors for your milestone occasion.
If you’re not comfortable with the responses you’re getting from vendors, ask trusted professionals in the industry for recommendations and insight.  More than likely, you’ll get some great advice and help along the way! Have questions about event rentals?  Please feel free to email or call me so we can chat – I’d love to hear from you!

Sweet Regards,

 © 2012 Cheryl Estes, SweetSeatsAtl.com
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