Why following up with vendors can MAKE or BREAK your big day….

As you know this is a very busy season with proms, graduations, weddings and other milestone occasions. With such a flurry of activity, it’s important that you follow up with your vendors prior to your big day to confirm your order.  If you don’t, you could be in a serious ‘pickle’.

 We recently had a close call in my house while helping my son get ready for his first prom this weekend.  He called the tuxedo rental company earlier this week to find out when he could come and pick up his tux, and realized that shoes had not been included in the order.  Fortunately when he called, the guy told him that he was lucky because he called just in time to have shoes added to the tuxedo rental.  Had my son not called, he would have had to get really creative with his shoewear on prom night, and that could have gotten really tricky!
This may seem like an extra step to take, but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly follow up to confirm with the rental company that they will have your items available and that the delivery and pick up times for your event are still on their calendar.  The worst thing in the world is to arrive at your event only to learn that the rental company overbooked or didn’t get your items in on time.  Last time I checked, sit down receptions need chairs, so don’t start a new trend by making your dinner guests stand up to eat because the chairs you rented were not available! By checking in with the rental company a few days prior to, you leave yourself a little room for Plan B if necessary. 
My motto is, ‘when in doubt, ask about’! If you’re not comfortable with the responses you’re getting from event rental companies, ask trusted professionals in the industry for recommendations and insight.  More than likely, you’ll get some great advice and help along the way! Have questions about event rentals?  Please feel free to email or call me so we can chat – I’d love to hear from you!
Enjoy this festive time of year!
Sweet Regards,

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