Are you star struck?

If so, that’s perfectly okay, especially if you are struck by celebrities’ styles, which are oftentimes great inspiration for your wedding or special event.  I love to see what types of chairs are used at awards shows, so you know I was super giddy to see Chiavari chairs at this year’s Golden Globe Awards!  On the same night, one of my other favorite reality shows highlighted an event that used Chiavari chairs for a couple’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration! I also love to see what type of décor is used to truly reflect the bride and groom’s personalities, or what centerpieces, menu cards and chairs are used to capture the essence of any special celebration.

Whatever the celebrity trend, you can incorporate them into your own special event where you are the star!  Your guests will be struck by your savvy, and may even want to incorporate some of the trends you showcase when they have their own special event.  Then you’ll be seen as the star trendsetter to watch!

{Styles by Golden, 1420 Dezigns/Andrea Brown Events, Sweet Seats, Vinewood Weddings, Red Carpet Events}

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