What’s in a name??

Everything! When I first embarked upon this Sweet Seats journey and before I had the name, I prayed for a business name that would be not only be catchy, but that would also capture the essence of the business.   I’m now trying my hand at blogging and in doing so, want to have a real ‘sweet’ name for my blog. One thing that continues to be VERY apparent in running a business is that I rely on the heads and the hands of other talented and dedicated folks to make this operation work.  While continuing along this journey and experiencing successes and lessons daily, I have learned that I don’t have to have all of the answers.  In fact, I won’t ever have all of the answers, and I will always be open to new ideas.

Thus, I would love to get some ideas on what to name the Sweet Seats blog, and I have a super ‘sweet’ treat for the entry that is selected.  How does a $25 gift card sound? Sounds pretty ‘sweet’ to me, especially right before the holidays! I would love to hear your ideas and look forward to more blogging fun! The winner will be announced on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend. Email me! cheryl@sweetseatsatl.com

Sweet Regards,


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