Did you ever think ‘boring’ could be bad for your health?

You know, I heard the most interesting thing the other day.  Did you know, the federal government issued guidance on how to eat healthier by adding more color to your plate of food?  The whole idea behind this is that the more vibrant the color of food, the more vibrant you will look and feel!

Well you know me! This made me think about how bringing color into your wedding or event décor can bring a more vibrant look and feel to the oh-so-special occasion! From the bridesmaids’ dresses to the table centerpieces, event colors speak volumes about the couple’s or host’s personality, and how they want that color to come alive during their special day.

Does this mean that you have to have color in every element of your event?  Not at all, but touches of color on the seating is a special way to make guests feel like a V.I.P. even if there are 200 other people attending the same event.  When in doubt, go without and just build upon the event décor background to add little pops of color here and there.  There have been past clients of ours who just weren’t sure how to do that, so here’s an example of how we helped solve their dilemma!

In this picture, notice how instead of just using a red napkin, we consulted with the client and suggested using a red runner, red napkins and red chair sashes!

See how huge the difference is with just a few extra touches.  Remember, added color is good for you!

Happy coloring!


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